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Disable href tag when value = declared

I want to disable a href tag when the link of it is # , the reason i want to do this is because i have lots of post on my webpage that have links poiting to other sites that are my partners.
When i make a post i have a template that make it easier on me to put information on it and have the href link ready if anyone site that has to do with the post want a partnership and i link it to them .
Some of my old post have href tags with # value on it and when i click on them they open up my page on another tab so thats why i would like to disable it if possible with javascript (anyone other script language that can do the job is fine too)


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Simplest way would be:

var emptyAnchors = document.querySelectorAll('a[href="#"]');

for (var i = 0; i < emptyAnchors.length; i++) {
    emptyAnchors[i].addEventListener('click', preventDefaultEvent);

function preventDefaultEvent(e) {

This will prevent the default behavior on a link click (open the href target).

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