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Pycharm to show current working branch name

When viewing VCS window in Pycharm IDE, I have no idea what git local branch I'm working on as well as its mapped git remote branch.

So how to show current working branch name in Pycharm?


I'm using PyCharm Community Edition 2016.2

Answer Source

Local Working Branch

The section "Which branch we are working in?" is quite clear:

Actually, this information is available in the Logs tab, but there are two another ways to see the current branch.

First, there is a special command on the main menu VCS→Git→Branches. The pop-up window of existing branches appears

Second (and most handy) is to use the Git widget in the Status bar:

enter image description here

Remote mapped branch

The remote tracking branch though, does not seem to be displayed, except when you are pushing the branch via menu VCS - Git - Push

For that, a git branch -avv in command line remains the most complete source of information.

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