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Node.js Question

Setting a cookie's value to a template literal?

I'm creating a template literal like so:

const someVar = 'hello'

const str = `
Some random
multiline string with string interpolation: ${someVar}

And then in my Koa app, I'm doing:

this.cookies.set('str', str)

Apparently it doesn't like the multiline string, as it gives this error:

TypeError: argument value is invalid

Is there any way around this? Keeping the whitespace format is pretty necessary in my case.


This has nothing to do with the template literal; by the time you're getting the error, you have a string with newlines in it. You can't have newlines in a cookie value.

Probably the best thing to preserve those newlines is to use JSON:

this.cookies.set('str', JSON.stringify(str));

Of course, you'll need to JSON.parse it when using it.

You don't have to use JSON, of course; you could use URI-encoding:

this.cookies.set('str', encodeURIComponent(str));

...and then decode it with decodeURIComponent (or the equivalent for whatever's consuming the string).