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Using org.xmlunit.diff.NodeFilters

I am using the XMLUnit in JUnit to compare the results of tests. I have a problem wherein there is a Element in my XML which gets the CURRENT TIMESTAMP as the tests run and when compared with the expected output, the results always do not match.

To overcome this, I read about using org.xmlunit.diff.NodeFilters, but do not have any examples on how to implement this. the code snippet I have is as below,

final org.xmlunit.diff.Diff documentDiff = DiffBuilder

return documentDiff.hasDifferences();

My problem is, how do I implement the NodeFilter? What parameter should be passed and should that be passed? There are no samples on this. The NodeFilter method gets Predicate as the IN parameter. What does Predicate mean?

Answer Source

The below code worked for me,

public final class IgnoreNamedElementsDifferenceListener implements
    DifferenceListener {

private Set<String> blackList = new HashSet<String>();

public IgnoreNamedElementsDifferenceListener(String... elementNames) {
    for (String name : elementNames) {

public int differenceFound(Difference difference) {
    if (difference.getId() == DifferenceConstants.TEXT_VALUE_ID) {
        if (blackList.contains(difference.getControlNodeDetail().getNode()
                .getParentNode().getNodeName())) {
            return DifferenceListener.RETURN_IGNORE_DIFFERENCE_NODES_IDENTICAL;

    return DifferenceListener.RETURN_ACCEPT_DIFFERENCE;

public void skippedComparison(Node node, Node node1) {

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