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Change x and y labels on a gbm partial plot

I am having trouble changing the x and y labels on a partial plot for a gbm model. I need to rename them for the journal article.

I read this in and create the plot as follows:

final<- readRDS(final_gbm_model)
summary(final, n.trees=final$n.trees)

Here is the summary output:

var rel.inf
ProbMn50ppb ProbMn50ppb 11.042750
ProbDOpt5ppm ProbDOpt5ppm 7.585275
Ngw_1975 Ngw_1975 6.314080
PrecipMinusETin_1971_2000_GWRP PrecipMinusETin_1971_2000_GWRP 4.988598
N_total N_total 4.776950
DTW60YrJurgens DTW60YrJurgens 4.415016
CVHM_TextZone CVHM_TextZone 4.225048
RiverDist_NEAR RiverDist_NEAR 4.165035
LateralPosition LateralPosition 4.036406
CAML1990_natural_water CAML1990_natural_water 3.720303
PctCoarseMFUpActLayer PctCoarseMFUpActLayer 3.668184
BioClim_BIO12 BioClim_BIO12 3.561071
MFDTWSpr2000Faunt MFDTWSpr2000Faunt 3.383900
PBot_krig PBot_krig 3.362289
WaterUse2 WaterUse2 3.291040
Age_yrs Age_yrs 3.144734
MFVelSept2000 MFVelSept2000 3.064030
ScreenLength ScreenLength 2.683542
HydGrp_C HydGrp_C 2.666106
AVG_POR AVG_POR 2.563147
MFVelFeb2000 MFVelFeb2000 2.505106
HiWatTabDepMin HiWatTabDepMin 2.421521
RechargeAnnualmmWolock RechargeAnnualmmWolock 2.252706

I can create a partial dependence plot as follows:


enter image description here
But if I try to set the label arguments I get the following error:


Error in plot.default(X$X1, X$y, type = "l", xlab = x$var.names[i.var], :
formal argument "ylab" matched by multiple actual arguments

How can I change the y and x axis labels?

Answer Source

The plot.gbm function passes its own name to the generic plot function so the two are colliding. So you will not be able to customize the plot the way you want in that mode. But the authors did provide an alternative when you set return.grid=TRUE. Instead of building a plot, it will output the data itself. You can then use that for any plot including ggplot2.

plotdata <- plot(gbm1, return.grid=TRUE)
plot(plotdata, type="l", ylab="ylab", xlab="xlab")

enter image description here

Example data from help(gbm)

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