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Linux Question

Stuck on LFS @ 5.7.1 "Glibc Installation"

I'm trying to build my own LFS system so I can better understand how linux works, but I'm stuck at 5.7.1 where you have to build Glibc. I've already un-tarred it into Sources, and logged into lfs using:

su - lfs

but whenever I try to do:

mkdir -v ../glibc-build

I get the error:

mkdir: cannot create directory '../glibc-build': Permission denied

Any idea how to fix this?

Answer Source

It appears that you do not have enough permissions to create the build directory. If you have been doing anything from the root account then it will own the directories and any files created. By default, other users cannot modify other users files or directories. You either have to change permissions to allow lfs to create directories or continue working from root.

If you have been closely following LFS instructions, executing chown -v lfs $LFS/tools and chown -v lfs $LFS/sources as root should allow you to proceed as the lfs user.

LFS 4.3 explains the steps in detail.

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