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C Searching A Value In Manually Filled Array

I'm trying to write a program which includes an array that filled by user and find a value in it which specified by user then print if it found and count of that number in array.But it works only for first element of array.My code is below:

`void searchh(int arr[],int search,int number,int counter);

int main()
int number,search,i;
int counter=0;

printf("How many numbers will you enter?");

int array[number];

printf("Please enter the %d. element of the array:",i+1);

printf("Please enter the number that you're looking for:");


return 0;

void searchh(int arr[],int search,int number,int counter){
int i,c;
int key=search;
int num=number;

int arrsize=(int)(sizeof(arr)/sizeof(int));
int arrayent[(int)(sizeof(num)/sizeof(int))];



printf("The number that you're looking for which is %d is found %d times.\nLocations:",key,counter);


printf("Number doesn't exist!!");


And Outputs:

Output That Works
Output That Doesn't Work

Thanks for your helps.

Answer Source
int arrsize=(int)(sizeof(arr)/sizeof(int));

This already doesn't do what you think it does. sizeof(arr) - could be 4 if size of pointer is 4 bytes. In other words you can't check array size like that inside function, arr decays to pointer of first element of array. Hence sizeof(arr) will return size of pointer which could be 4 or 8. You need to pass the number of elements of the array to the function as parameter - which is number in your case.


int arrayent[(int)(sizeof(num)/sizeof(int))];

is also strange. num is int. sizeof(num) and sizeof(int) will be same - and division will give you 1.

IMO these two lines

int arrsize=(int)(sizeof(arr)/sizeof(int));
int arrayent[(int)(sizeof(num)/sizeof(int))];

should just go as

int arrsize = number;
int arrayent[number];

PS. Also try to use a debugger to help you with some kind of issues.

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