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TERM environment variable not set

I have a with this, when run show : TERM environment variable not set.

smbmount // /mnt/siscont5 -o

if [ -f /mnt/siscont5/HER.TXT ]; then
echo "No puedo actualizar ahora"
umount /mnt/siscont5
if [ ! -f /home/emni/siscont5/S5.TXT ]; then
echo "Puedo actualizar... "
touch /home/emni/siscont5/HER.TXT
touch /mnt/siscont5/SC5.TXT
mv -f /home/emni/siscont5/CCORPOSD.DBF /mnt/siscont5
mv -f /home/emni/siscont5/CCTRASD.DBF /mnt/siscont5
rm /mnt/siscont5/SC5.TXT
rm /home/emni/siscont5/HER.TXT
echo "La actualizacion ha sido realizada..."
echo "No puedo actualizar ahora: Interfaz exportando..."
umount /mnt/siscont5
echo "/mnt/siscont5 desmontada..."

Answer Source

You can see if it's really not set. Run the command set | grep TERM.

If not, you can set it like that: export TERM=xterm

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