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Javascript Countdown Timer Repeat and Count total that repeat

I have javascript countdown timer from 25 -> 0.

var count=25;

var counter=setInterval(timer, 1000); //1000 will run it every 1 second

function timer()
if (count <= 0)

document.getElementById("timer").innerHTML=count; // watch for spelling

div HTML

<span id="timer">25</span>

Now I want the countdown is repeat automatically after wait 5 seconds then it start again from 25 -> 0. And I want to count how many times that countdown repeat. Is it possible for that?

Please help.

Answer Source

You can try wrapping the entire code into a function (countTimers() in the example below) that runs every 30 seconds (5 seconds after each timer). Then, set a counter (timersCount in the example below) to count how many times that will run.

See the example below:

var timersCount = 0;
setInterval(countTimers, 30000);
function countTimers() {

    // as per request in the comments, you can set a timer counter as well:
    document.getElementById("totalcounter").innerHTML = timersCount;

    var count = 25;
    var counter = setInterval(timer, 1000);
    function timer() {
      count = count-1;
      if(count <= 0) {

Timer: <span id="timer">25</span><br>
Number of times run: <span id="totalcounter">1</span>

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