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Grails - grails.converters.JSON - removing the class name

Is there a way to remove the class field in a JSON converter?


import testproject.*
import grails.converters.*
emp = new Employee()
emp.lastName = "Bar"
emp as JSON

as a string is


I'd prefer


Is there a way to add one more line of code at the end to remove the class field?

Answer Source

Here is yet one way to do it. I've added a next code to the domain class:

static {
    grails.converters.JSON.registerObjectMarshaller(Employee) {
    return it.properties.findAll {k,v -> k != 'class'}

But as I found if you have used Groovy @ToString class annotation when you also must add 'class' to excludes parameter, e.g.:

@ToString(includeNames = true, includeFields = true, excludes = "metaClass,class")