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Adding toggleable buttons to DOM using Angular directive

See the following Plunker:


I have an element

<sc-chart type="approved"></sc-chart>
that hooks into the scChart directive to add a chart to the page (I've omitted that part of the code since that's not pertinent to this issue). After adding the chart I then want to create a group of buttons next to the chart populated with the names array (this array will not be static, it will be the result of a service call, so I can't hardcode the buttons).

I'm able to add the buttons okay and make them clickable. I'm even able to highlight them when they're selected. However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how/when to remove the "active" CSS class, when I've clicked away from the button. It may be something pretty simple I'm missing.

Answer Source

just add removeClass() function:

btn.on('click', {name: i}, function(event) {

plunker: https://plnkr.co/edit/6Nj4beNuJf1plZmPAs0z?p=preview

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