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CSS Question

Unable to change header height in HTML

I have created a header for our companies email templates, luckily I was able to find a basic template on the web and tweak it to our requirements.
I am a real beginner when it comes to HTML so I am sure there are many errors in it too.
I need to figure out how to reduce the blue banner to 42px in height but everything I try ruins it. I have also been told that my 600 wide option is very old school and it should be 1200. I have tried to change this too, but then it loses all of the other formatting and looks terrible.
Its supposed to be responsive, if anyone could make any edit suggestions I would be very grateful.


Answer Source

try changing the padding in the td containing the logo/image. To decrease the height of the blue banner, decrease the padiing at top and bottom of the above mentioned table data.

This helps you but another way is to decrease the logos height.

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