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Chrome developer tools - is there a way to check current's file name?

I have a code of online shop on Prestashop, and I have for example content="Shop on PrestaShop" in meta-data of current page, but when I'm trying to find that String in project in Webstorm to localize which page file it is, I get nothing.

So I guess it's some PHP magic working there. So now I have huge problem with finding proper file in order to change that String. Is it possible to check a filename and it's extension via Google developer tools? I'm starting site from server, not localhost.

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You can only find the files that are delivered to client's machine in chrome developers tools by visiting:

Inspect > Sources

The server side files can be visible only if you can see them in URL. If the path is re-written using something like .htaccess in apache, then there's really nothing that you can do to find out the file.

These type of files are meant to be present only to hide the actual file path.

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