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ChartJS dynamically adding values with jQuery array

I am trying to populate a piechart in ChartJS dynamically using data from a jQuery/AJAX query.

The only thing I am struggling with is creating the data in a format that chartJS understands. This is the required format:

var dynamicData = [
{ label: "One", value: 23 },
{ label: "Two", value: 33 },
{ label: "Three", value: 43 },
{ label: "Four", value: 53 },

When I try to create it, I get double quotes
around each set of data. I know it is a simple mistake but I can't figure it out. This is how I am creating the data (partial jQuery code):

.success(function(response) {
if(!response.errors && response.result) {
var doughnutData = [];
$.each(response.result, function( index, value) {
doughnutData.push('{ label: "'+value[0]+'", value: '+value[2]+',color:"#F7464A" }');


var doughnutOptions = {
segmentShowStroke : true,
segmentStrokeColor : "#fff",
segmentStrokeWidth : 2,
percentageInnerCutout : 50,
animation : true,
animationSteps : 100,
animationEasing : "easeOutBounce",
animateRotate : true,
animateScale : true,
onAnimationComplete : null
var ctx = document.getElementById("chart3").getContext("2d");
var mydoughnutChart = new Chart(ctx).Doughnut(dynamicData, doughnutOptions);
} else {

The console shows:

["{ label: "17x1p14e6662", value: 16,color:"#F7464A" }", "{ label: "8734hjgfd784ew", value: 8,color:"#F7464A" }"]

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

The console is outputting the object as a string because you are pushing a string to the var doughnutData, you are doing this wrapping the object in quotes and concatenating the values to the string therefor treating the argument passed to the push method as a string type.

The proper way to use the push method to add an object to an array would be like this.

array.push({property:'string', property:2})

Meaning your code should look like this.

doughnutData.push({ label:value[0], value:value[2],color:"#F7464A" });

Here is a link on how the push method works on an array and Here is another link to javascript objects

Another thing is when you are creating the chart your are passing the var dynamicData instead of your var doughnutData.

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