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Ruby Question

Bundler looking for old version of gem

Im using earnshark_sdk 0.2.0 ruby gem in my app, and now i would like to use the latest version 0.2.1. So i tried doing the following


gem 'earnshark_sdk', '~> 0.2.1'

I did a
bundler update

Since the app is dockerized, i tried going inside the container and removing the old version and installed the new one.

gem list
earnshark_sdk (0.2.1)

When i
docker-compose up
it gives

enter image description here

I'm new to both ruby and docker, any suggestion would be welcomed.


Answer Source

Answering my own question,

My docker container was not able to detect my gemfile, by defining a default path for the the gemfile in the compose I was able to fix this.

Added a volume mount in docker-compose.yml

    - /e/Workspaces/MyApp/src/Gemfile:/home/app/webapp/Gemfile
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