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How to JSON stringify a javascript Date and preserve timezone

I have a date object that's created by the user, with the timezone filled in by the browser, like so:

var date = new Date(2011, 05, 07, 04, 0, 0);
> Tue Jun 07 2011 04:00:00 GMT+1000 (E. Australia Standard Time)

When I stringify it, though, the timezone goes bye-bye

> "2011-06-06T18:00:00.000Z"

The best way I can get a ISO8601 string while preserving the browser's timezone is by using moment.js and using
, but of course that won't work if I'm serializing a whole command via something that uses
internally (in this case, AngularJS)

var command = { time: date, contents: 'foo' };
$http.post('/Notes/Add', command);

For completeness, my domain does need both the local time and the offset.

Answer Source

Assuming you have some kind of object that contains a Date:

var o = { d : new Date() };

You can override the toJSON function of the Date prototype. Here I use moment.js to create a moment object from the date, then use moment's format function without parameters, which emits the ISO8601 extended format including the offset.

Date.prototype.toJSON = function(){ return moment(this).format(); }

Now when you serialize the object, it will use the date format you asked for:

var json = JSON.stringify(o);  //  '{"d":"2015-06-28T13:51:13-07:00"}'

Of course, that will affect all Date objects. If you want to change the behavior of only the specific date object, you can override just that particular object's toJSON function, like this:

o.d.toJSON = function(){ return moment(this).format(); }
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