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C++ Question

If two objects are declared in a single line, in what order are they constructed?

Let's say a class has been defined as

class A {

and now I am creating two objects as

A a,b;

In what order are
created? Is it defined by the standard?

Answer Source

From 8 Declarators [dcl.decl] 3:

Each init-declarator in a declaration is analyzed separately as if it was in a declaration by itself.

It goes on to say

A declaration with several declarators is usually equivalent to the corresponding sequence of declarations each with a single declarator. That is T D1, D2, ... Dn; is usually equivalent to T D1; T D2; ... T Dn; where T is a decl-specifier-seq and each Di is an init-declarator. An exception occurs when a name introduced by one of the declarators hides a type name used by the decl-specifiers, so that when the same decl-specifiers are used in a subsequent declaration, they do not have the same meaning.

You can say that they are constructed from left to right.

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