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Javascript Question

Adding a comma to split numbers

I am creating a fancy number box. The below is a function that when people finishing loading there ll be a number box count up to the result:

function countUp(count){
var div_by = 100,
speed = Math.round(count/div_by),
$display = $('.count'),// i bind the function to the class count
run_count = 1,
int_speed = 24;

var int = setInterval(function() {
if(run_count < div_by){
$display.text(speed * run_count);
} else if(parseInt($display.text()) < count) {
var curr_count = parseInt($display.text()) + 1;
} else {
}, int_speed);

It's working fine by i'd like to add comma to split the thousand like 6,345
I tried to convert the result using
but it doesn't work

countUp(6435).toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ",");

Answer Source

you can use toLocaleString method

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