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React JSX Question

can't type in input fields when using material-ui-redux-form due to re rendering

I'm using material-ui with redux. For some reason I can't type in my input fields whenever I follow the example provided at http://redux-form.com/6.2.0/examples/material-ui/ .

After using chrome redux dev tool I noticed that the state of the inputs is changing when I type but then it's re-rendering the entire component whenever something is typed, which makes it seem like nothing is being typed. Oddly enough, this only occurs when I use the Field component, as is used in the examples. If I just use material-ui components, the form allows typing and it doesn't re render. I've included the entire code to my component. Any help is much appreciated! What am I doing wrong?

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import {Field, reduxForm} from 'redux-form'
import { TextField } from 'redux-form-material-ui'
import RaisedButton from 'material-ui/RaisedButton'

class Login extends Component {
constructor (props) {
this.handleFormSubmit = this.handleFormSubmit.bind(this)
componentDidMount () {
this.refs.username // the Field
.getRenderedComponent() // on Field, returns ReduxFormMaterialUITextField
.getRenderedComponent() // on ReduxFormMaterialUITextField, returns TextField
.focus() // on TextField
handleFormSubmit ({ username, password }) {
console.log(username, password)
render () {
const {
fields: { username, password }
} = this.props
return (
<div className='loginWrapper'>
<form onSubmit={handleSubmit(this.handleFormSubmit)}>
<div id='loginNotch' />
<h1 className='loginHeader'>Login</h1>
ref='username' withRef />
ref='password' withRef />
primary />

// TODO: keep property names consistent with server
export default reduxForm({
form: 'login',
fields: ['username', 'password']

Update: I took a look at the docs and removed fields from the export, and it is still not working.

You can clone project from here https://bitbucket.org/kvoth3/loanpayments.git
it's just a simple login screen

Answer Source

Try changing your reducer to

const rootReducer = combineReducers({
  form: authReducer

ReduxForm expects your redux state structure to be

   form: {
      formName: {}

If you need to use a different name other than form, you need to provide a getFormState(state) to the reduxForm() decorator.

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