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Hyperlinking within an HTML Presentation using R Markdown

I hope I've tagged this correctly - I'd like to create an HTML presentation using Markdown in R Studio. What I'd like to do is to create hyperlinks that will jump to a specified page when clicked versus the straight linear progression of most presentations. For example:

title: "Presentation"
output: ioslides_presentation

## Slide 1

This is the first slide. I'd like to be able to insert hyperlinks to a different page within the slide. For example:

[Slide 2](hyperlink to slide 2) - clicking this would jump to slide 2

[Slide 3](hyperlink to slide 3) - clicking this would jump to slide 3

[Slide 4](hyperlink to slide 4) - clicking this would jump to slide 4

## Slide 2

Text for slide 2

## Slide 3

More text for slide 3

## Slide 4

Even more text for slide 4.

Is this possible? I've tried searching around but can only find out how to link to external sites (i.e.
[link to google](

Answer Source

It's possible, although the result isn't perfect:

[Slide 4](#4)

ioslides opens links in new windows by default, so the links won't work in the RStudio preview, and will create new browser tabs at runtime.

It's much easier if you don't care about markdown purity--a little HTML and JavaScript go a long way:

<a href="javascript:slidedeck.loadSlide(4)">Slide 4</a>
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