Saran S. Saran S. - 1 year ago 144
Javascript Question

Get path of the Firebase reference

How to get the Firebase path (location string without the hostname part such as

) given the Firebase reference? I can't find in the docs and tried to search but no luck.

Now I did like this in Node.js, given Firebase reference

var url = require('url'); // standard Node.js 'url' module.
var location = url.parse(ref.toString()).pathname;

Is this the correct way to do or there exist a more reliable way?

PS. I saw
is the array containing the strings that can construct the path but I think it's not on the public API and may subject to change?

Answer Source

If you think of this outside of the context of Firebase, it becomes "How do I get just the path from a URL?" Searching for that is bound to give good results. They'll likely be similar to what you came up with now.

Another approach might be to depend on Firebase's built-in root() method to determine the base URL.

var location = ref.toString().substring(ref.root().toString().length);
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