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What is <?= in C++?

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C extension: <? and >? operators

Take a look at the top answer (by sclo) to problem D of this Google Code Jam. It's C++ code, it must have compiled, and it contains statements such as this one:

double& ret = F[mask][cur][b];
if(j==cur) {
ret<?=f(tmp,j,b||bad[i])+M[cur][i]; // WTF is <?= ???

This doesn't compile in my Visual Studio 2008. What does the

Answer Source

It's a gcc extension: C extension: <? and >? operators

Recent manuals say:

The G++ minimum and maximum operators (‘<?’ and ‘>?’) and their compound forms (‘<?=’) and ‘>?=’) have been deprecated and are now removed from G++. Code using these operators should be modified to use std::min and std::max instead...

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