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Javascript Question

Textbox not clears when clicks the submit button

I am trying to clear the

text box after clicking the
button. It's not working though I tried some code examples, even in SO.


<input type="submit" name="btnProceed" id="btnProceed" value="PROCEED" onclick="clearSubTotal();"/>


function clearSubTotal() {


<input name="txtSubTotal" type="text" id="txtSubTotal" size="15" value="<?php
$sql=mysqli_query($connection,"select sum(amount) from sales_temp");
$row = mysqli_fetch_array($sql);
echo $row[0];


<form id="manageSalesForm" name="manageSalesForm" method="post" action="<?php echo BASE_URL?>includes/functions/sales_functions.php">

enter image description here

Appreciate your help on this.

NOTE: Found that on the second button press, the text box clears. How to set this correctly for the first button perss?

ADD button/JS

function submitdata() {
var listItemName = document.getElementById("listItemName").value;
var listStock = document.getElementById("listStock").value;
var txtUnitPrice = document.getElementById("txtUnitPrice").value;
var txtQuantity = document.getElementById("txtQuantity").value;
var listCustomer = document.getElementById("listCustomer").value;
var txtReceiptNo = document.getElementById("txtReceiptNo").value;
var TheDate = document.getElementById("TheDate").value;

// Returns successful data submission message when the entered information is stored in database.
var dataString = {listItemName:listItemName, listStock: listStock, txtUnitPrice: txtUnitPrice, txtQuantity: txtQuantity, listCustomer: listCustomer, txtReceiptNo: txtReceiptNo};
if (listItemName == '' || listStock == ''|| txtUnitPrice == ''|| txtQuantity == ''|| listCustomer == ''|| txtReceiptNo == ''|| TheDate == '') {
else {
// AJAX code to submit form.
type: "POST",
url: "/pms/includes/functions/sales_temp_functions.php",
data: dataString,
cache: false,
success: function(html) {

//reload the sales datagrid once add the item details to temporary table (sales_temp)
$('#btnProceed').click(function(event) {
event.preventDefault(); // stops form submission

ADD button/HTML

<td width="46"><button type="button" name="btnSave" id="btnSave" onclick="submitdata(); check_qty(); showSubTotal();">ADD</button></td>



//Start the Session

include ("/../../pages/sales.php");

if(isset($_POST['listCustomer'])){ $customer = $_POST['listCustomer'];}
if(isset($_POST['staff'])){ $user = $_POST['staff']; }


"INSERT INTO sales(cus_id,item_id,stock_id,receipt_no,qty,unit_price,amount,user_id,purchase_id)
SELECT C.cus_id, I.item_id, S.stock_id, $receipt_no, ST.qty, ST.unit_price, ST.amount, U.id, P.purchase_id
FROM customers C, items I, stock S, sales_temp ST, users U, purchase_items P
WHERE ST.staff='$user'
AND C.customer_name='$customer'
AND I.item_name=ST.item_name
AND S.stock_code=ST.stock_code
AND ST.purchase_id=P.purchase_id");

//Update available qty from purchase_items relevant only to the logged in user(sales_temp table may have records from multiple users)
$resultUpdate=mysqli_query($connection, "UPDATE purchase_items P INNER JOIN sales_temp ST ON (P.purchase_id = ST.purchase_id) SET P.avail_qty = (P.avail_qty - ST.qty) WHERE ST.staff='$user'");

//Delete records relevant only to current user. Here 'WHERE' clause use to prevent deleting other user's records.
$resultDelete=mysqli_query($connection, "DELETE FROM sales_temp WHERE staff='$user'");

if (!$result) {
printf("Errormessage: %s\n", mysqli_error($connection));

// use exec() because no results are returned
if ($result) {

echo '<script type="text/javascript">',

Answer Source

I found the solution, added the do_onload(id) to calculate the total on loadComplete event which is triggered after each refresh (also after delete)

function do_onload(id)
//alert('Simulating, data on load event')

var s = $("#list").jqGrid('getCol', 'amount', false, 'sum');

And changed the phpgrid code accordingly.

$opt["loadComplete"] = "function(ids) { do_onload(ids); }";
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