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Combining a PyQt Gui app with an Django project

My question is as follows:
I have a PyQt Gui app. Now I want to publish some of my data to a webserver.
So other people can get acces to it without having the PyQt Gui App.

I am very new to Django. I've read only some first articles and examples.

So my question is:
Is it a feasable way to use django? Are there other quite easier possibilities?
The PyQt App uses also SQlite3 databases.
If I would use django, can I integrate these databases to django?

Thanks for your answers!!!

Answer Source

For what I understand, you want to publish some of the data in your SQLite databases via a website. This is a perfectly valid use of Django and it is totally feasible.

However, this is not the typical way to use Django: you see, Django projects typically define their database structures automatically using abstraction classes (called models in the Django terminology). If you want to use your existing database, that is perfectly fine and possible but it requires some reading. Make sure you read the basic Django tutorials and then check out this document: Integrating django with legacy databases

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