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CSS font-weight thicker than 900?

I have a panel which can be expanded or minimised through a vertically centred link with a < or > symbol as the link text. At font-weight: 900 this does not stand out much, even with a large grey background around it. I do not want to use an image and, at the current font size, both symbols currently take up the maximum width of the panel.

Is there any way to thicken the line on the symbols beyond 900? Or is there another alternative I could use?

Thanks in advance.


Answer Source

Unfortunately there's no font-weight thicker than 900, and specifying font-weight by number varies across browsers. Your best bet would be to use a thicker font - you haven't specified what you're using, but Impact is relatively thick and tall for its width while being web-safe. Otherwise you could use @font-face to load in a different font.

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