NoahD NoahD - 1 year ago 74
Perl Question

Duplicates in a QIF File?

Does anyone have a good way of deleting duplicate transactions (same date, amount, biller, etc) in a QIF file? I looked at PERL's Finance:QIF, but it appear to have delete a record function.

Alternatively, does someone have a good QIF --> CSV converter?

Although I am looking at a PERL solution, I am open to other ideas.

Answer Source

Finance::QIF doesn't really need a delete() method (although it would be handy), because you can access all the transactions as a list and manipulate it yourself. The source code is very straightforward, it would be pretty easy to add a as_csv() method to Finance::QIF::Transaction (the module used to store one transaction's data), after which you can apply your own sort-for-uniqueness method (e.g. plain old "sort -u").

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