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Scala Question

Scala - filter Some's that fail certain condition

Given a


class UserRepository {

val collection = Mongo.connect("users")

def findBy(key: String, value: String): Future[Option[User]] = {
_.find(document(key -> value)).one[User]

And I want to write a

def login(email: String, password: String): Future[Option[User]] = {
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global

repo.findBy("email", email)
// .filter { user => BCrypt.checkpw(password, user.password) }

How would I write a mapping on the result of
to transform all
's into
's if they fail the test
BCrypt.checkpw(password, user.password)
? Is there some kind of transform I can do to turn any of the
's that fail that check into

Answer Source

Use collect and use the pattern matching guard to check the user. If user fails then return a None

findBy(key, value).collect {
  case Some(user) if ! BCrypt.checkpw(password, user.password) =>  None


It would be good to collect user which satisfy the condition this way your final output type would be Future[user] instead of Future[Option[User]]. Of course after the above collect your Future[Option[User]] would contain Some(user) where is the user is valid user.

findBy(key, value).collect {
  case Some(user) if BCrypt.checkpw(password, user.password) =>  user

The line gives only valid users and the final type would be Future[User] instead of Future[Option[User]]

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