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React JSX Question

Convert jQuery click/drag code to React

With the code below, taken from this SO answer, a user can select cells vertically in a grid by click-and-drag.

I intend to use this functionality in React and thus need to convert it to a component.

How would one change the method-chaining and selector based structure to React?

Working example with jquery


<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="our_table">
<td data-row="1" data-col="1">a</td>
<td data-row="1" data-col="2">b</td>
<td data-row="1" data-col="3">c</td>
<td data-row="2" data-col="1">d</td>
<td data-row="2" data-col="2">e</td>
<td data-row="2" data-col="3">f</td>
<td data-row="3" data-col="1">g</td>
<td data-row="3" data-col="2">h</td>
<td data-row="3" data-col="3">i</td>


table td {
border:1px solid #fff;

table td.highlighted {


$(function () {
var isMouseDown = false,
var currentCol;
$("#our_table td")
.mousedown(function () {
isMouseDown = true;
currentCol = this.getAttribute("data-col");
isHighlighted = $(this).hasClass("highlighted");
return false; // prevent text selection
.mouseover(function () {
if (isMouseDown) {
if(currentCol === this.getAttribute("data-col")){
$(this).toggleClass("highlighted", isHighlighted);
.bind("selectstart", function () {
return false;

.mouseup(function () {
isMouseDown = false;

Answer Source

All what you need is in React Event System docs. onMouseDown, onMouseUp and onMouseOver it's the most interesting event handlers for you. I created Similar Example.

In componentWillReceiveProps function I check if the cell should update your own state and I use shouldComponentUpdate to prevent rendering component if it's not needed (it's very important when you have a lot of cells). The main state is in Hello (parent) component: overId contains actually cell data, startedId contains starting cell and enableSelect is true when we start selection.

It's "similar" because I dindn't check your example carefully, but I think it's good enough to show you how it's works.

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