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Google old GCM vs. Google New GoogleCloudMessaging

i'm developing a news application and i'm confused between using the old GCM and the new GoogleCloudMessaging, they said GCM is deprecated, but it runs well when you get the gcm.jar and compile it in your app.

So my question: is it safe to use the old deprecated GCM method ? or will it be cancelled be Google in the future and won't be able to function any more ?

Thanks in advance.

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gcm.jar is the old client library used for registration to GCM and receiving GCM messages in the app. It is deprecated, and therefore you are advised not to use it.

Since it's deprecated, it's more likely to have more problems and work in less devices than the GoogleCloudMessaging class of the Google Play Services library.

As with any deprecated feature, at some point in the future it may be cancelled, and it's probably better to stop using it long before that time arrives.

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