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Running a shell command in a specific directory in java

I'm currently developing a little software in Java and I'm facing a problem I'm not able to solve. In a few words, I am on ArchLinux and I need to run "makepkg" in a specific directory. Of course I tried with

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cd foo && makepkg");

But I discovered that I cannot cd in directories. Someone has an idea on how to do this? Thanks anyway

Answer Source

A process executor is not a shell. It's done for launching a process. A thing that can help you is to launch the process from a specified directory.

You can create a ProcessBuilder instance and set the working directory. It is my way of doing.

    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("makepkg"); File("foo"));
    final Process process = pb.start();
    // then you read the flow with process.getInputStream() for example
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