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Python - The difference between sys.stdout.write and print

Are there situations in which

is preferable to

(Examples: better performance; code that makes more sense)

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print is just a thin wrapper that formats the inputs (space between args and newline at the end) and calls the write function of a given object. By default this object is sys.stdout, but you can pass a file for example:

print >> open('file.txt', 'w'), 'Hello', 'World', 2+3

In Python 3.x, print becomes a function, but it is still possible to pass something else than sys.stdout. See

In Python 2.6+, print is still a statement, but it can be used as a function with

from __future__ import print_function

Update: There is a little difference between the print function and the print statement (and more generally between a function and a statement) pointed by Bakuriu in comments.

In case of error when evaluating arguments:

print "something", 1/0, "other" #prints only something because 1/0 raise an Exception

print("something", 1/0, "other") #doesn't print anything. The func is not called
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