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Add infobox button on selectmenu in JQuery

I got the following code:

Also see this fiddle:


$( "#solImport-solution" ).selectmenu({
width: "auto",
change: function( event, data ) {
addClass: "overflow"


<select name="category" id="solImport-solution">
<option class="placeholder" selected disabled value="">Select a Solution</option>
<option value="test">Test1</option>

I have this selectmenu from jquery and I'd like to have a small button to the right side with a questionmark for giving infos. How can I achieve that? Is there any build-in function for this?


Thank you very much!

Answer Source

For ease and rapid development, I'd use bootstrap. You can add another <div> next to the input and add a "tooltip" on hover.

Bootstrap Tooltip

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