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Android: How to create YouTube-like VR-controls?

I am trying to develop a VR video player using latest Google VR SDK for Android (v1.0.3), but there is no high-level API to build VR playback controls.

YouTube VR player uses old version of gvr toolkit and renders controls (for example,
) in some way.

enter image description here

What is the best way to implement such controls using latest VR SDK? Do I need to use custom renderer with OpenGL or NDK?

I would be very grateful for implementation details.

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GVR SDK does not provide a way do draw something over VrVideoView, so we need to implement VR video by ourselves.

The main idea of solution - use GvrView with custom StereoRenderer. First of all, we need to implement VR video renderer (using VR shaders and MediaPlayer/ExoPlayer).

Then we need to implement custom controls on the scene using OpenGL ES and GVR SDK (HeadTracking, Eye, etc.).

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