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iOS Question

Yandex Map for iOS is available to work with OverlayView

I have some problem with creation route in map.

For route in google maps I use MKPolylineView, but in yandex maps i dont see it...

How create route in yandex map?

Answer Source

If you want to create route in iOS yandex map.

You can use this superstructure

1 You must add "Yandex MapKit Route" to your project folder with all its files.

2 In your project use method (as sample):

[YandexMapKitRoute showRouteOnMap:self.mapView From:YMKMapCoordinateMake(55.837064,37.487895) To:YMKMapCoordinateMake(55.695618,37.657496)];

3 And scroll to it

[self.mapView setCenterCoordinate:YMKMapCoordinateMake(55.754219,37.622478)
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