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How do I see the Django debug toolbar?

I have a Django webapp. I have installed the debug_toolbar middleware and module.
However, my webapps don't have the debug toolbar pull-out.

How do I actually see the debug toolbar? Is there something more I need to do?
Do I need to use a particular template for my webapp? I have followed all the steps in the README, but that is not enough -- there seems to be some other dependency, or something else I'm missing.

Also, when looking at the set of URL patters for my webapp, the debug prefix is not found among the recognized patterns. I've put a log in in debug_toolbar to make sure that modules is getting loaded by the activated debug_toolbar application, and it is.

This has me totally mystified, and I can find no Google or README on what to do to make this actually show up, or what the requirements are, so any pointer you can provide would be great!

Edit: It turns out, I was testing this with a SSH tunnel from the machine running the browser to the machine running the Django/Apache. In this case, the IP address actually seen for the remote machine was not what I thought it was, so the list of "good" IPs did not contain the browser's apparent remote machine. Fixing that fixed the problem!

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  1. As I know your HTML page must contain closed body tag, meta tag with content="text/html".

  2. I prefer the way when all debug-toolbar's settings separed from main settings. So try put in the end of something like

    #debug_toolbar settings
    if DEBUG:
        INTERNAL_IPS = ('',)
        INSTALLED_APPS += (
            'INTERCEPT_REDIRECTS': False,

(Edit note: lapis updated the configs above to match the names used by the current (at the time of this update, 1.3.2) version of the Django Debug Toolbar. Per, the original versions (that used e.g. debug_toolbar.panels.sql.SQLDebugPanel vs debug_toolbar.panels.sql.SQLPanel as in 1.3.2) were correct when this question was original answered.)

(note: after Django 1.10, MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES should be MIDDLEWARE.)

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