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LaTeX Question

To have text and a picture on the same page in LaTeX

My LaTeX puts each picture in my document to an empty page, no matter what is the size of the picture such that only the caption is in the page where is the picture.

Example of code


--- text ---

commands make the content disppear completely although I use

The code requires two pages without the table command.

I would like to have the small picture and the text to be in the same A4.

How can you a picture and some text in the same A4?

Answer Source
some text
  \caption{Explanation of something}
some text

Works nicely for me, though I don't use 'landscape' as page format (but then, you didn't say you needed it). But if you do and you want the text to appear on the same page as the image, you need to have the text inside the landscape environment as well.

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