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C Question

is this bit field of size one actually overflowing when assigning 1?

I have written some code with bit fields that I thought should work, but it seems like GCC disagrees. Did I miss something or did I actually find a bug in GCC?

After simplifying my code, the testcase is quite simple. I'm assigning the integer literal

to a bitfield that has a size of one bit:

typedef struct bitfield
int bit : 1;
} bitfield;

bitfield test()
bitfield field = {1};
return field;

If I compile this with GCC 6.2.1 (same with 5.4.0), I get the following warning (with -pedantic):

gcc -fPIC test.c -pedantic -shared
test.c: In function ‘test’:
test.c:8:23: warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion [-Woverflow]
bitfield field = {1};

The strange thing is: When I replace -pedantic with -Woverflow, the warning disappears.

I don't get any warnings with clang.

Answer Source

Use unsigned int for this bit field. A 1-bit signed number can only hold 0 and -1.

typedef struct bitfield
    unsigned int bit : 1;
} bitfield;
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