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Kivy on Android not working

I'm testing my first app on Android written in Kivy

I've followed the tutorial here

I've copied the app to my android device, but when I run it, it just stops

I've used:

buildozer android logcat

and the relevant lines of output seem to be:

I/python (32075): ['/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/python2.7/site-packages', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/site-python']

I/python (32075): Android path ['/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/python2.7', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/lib/python2.7/site-packages', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files', '/data/data/org.test.bfgapp/files/_applibs']

I/python (32075): Android kivy bootstrap done. __name__ is __main__
I/python (32075): Run user program, change dir and execute
I/python (32075): No main.pyo / found.

I/AndroidRuntime(32075): VM exiting with result code 0, cleanup skipped.
I/SurfaceFlinger( 1948): id=1057 Removed TurfaceView (2/5)
I/ActivityManager( 2426): Process org.test.bfgapp:python (pid 32075) (adj 0) has died.
W/ActivityManager( 2426): Force removing ActivityRecord{44d8df18 u0 org.test.bfgapp/}: app died, no saved state

I've Googled for: No main.pyo / found

But all it says is my is missing. This is not very helpful as I have called my (only) file and that is referenced in buildozer.spec

# (str) Source code where the live
source.dir = /home/jeff/Kivy/Label/

Can someone please give me a suggestion?

Answer Source

Of course, the buildozer spec should read

# (str) Source code where the live
source.dir = .
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