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in cordova/on android app requests with https fail but same request using http succeed

I have a backend server that is accessible on two ports - one with HTTP and another with HTTPS. It uses a self-signed certificate.

From my ionic/cordova hybrid app when I run using HTTP requests they all succeed. During first request I also include a basic authorization. However, the exact same requests fail when using HTTPS. For example <<< works like a charm <<<< this fails (but works in android browser after a warning page)

I wonder how to proceed. Do I need to register the self-signed certificate somewhere in config, or something else?

Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

I wonder if you have found your answer or not, but still want to post answer for others looking for the solution: Cordova doesn't allow https calls to Servers with untrusted ssl certificate installed on them. You can ignore this error and continue by making a small change in a cordova file.

Open “\cordova\platforms\android\CordovaLib\src\org\apache\cordova\ CordovaWebViewClient.java”. In 'onReceivedSslError' method, comment the else part and add handler.proceed() instead.

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