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python solution to ssh into a linux server and edit a file

it worked. But now I am having a new problem. I am able to login to server using paramiko. But cant execute any commands. My code is as follows. I am suspecting issues with connection.send command.

session = paramiko.SSHClient()
connection = session.invoke_shell()

It is not taking my commands to super user login. with out super user login I cant write to the file. Please help.

Answer Source

Take a look at this demo for the paramiko package.

After connecting to the server, like in the demo, this is how I would edit the remote file:

with sftp.open("yourfiletoedit", "rb") as f:
    data = f.read()

# modify the data of the file (this depends on the format wich was not specified)

with sftp.open("yourfiletoedit", "wb") as f:
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