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AngularJS Question

How to pass parameters to $http in angularjs?

Assume that I have two input boxes with corresponding ng-model as fname and lname. If I call http request as :

$http({method:'GET', url:'/search', params:{fname: fname, lname: lname}})

will it call to the url :


The error I am getting at the backend(python) is :

cannot concatenate str and nontype objects.

Are these parameters not sent as strings? If not, how to get around with this?

Answer Source

Here is how you do it:

$http.get("/url/to/resource/", {params:{"param1": val1, "param2": val2}})
    .then(function (response) { /* */ })...

Angular takes care of encoding the parameters.

Maxim Shoustin's answer does not work ({method:'GET', url:'/search', jsonData} is not a valid JavaScript literal) and JeyTheva's answer, although simple, is dangerous as it allows XSS (unsafe values are not escaped when you concatenate them).

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