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Counting number of vowels in a merged string

I am trying to figure out how to calculate the score of two merged lists of names. I need to give one point for each character (including spaces between first and last name) plus one point for each vowel in the name. I can currently calculate score for the the lengths of the names but cannot figure out how to include the number of vowels.

a = ["John", "Kate", "Oli"]
b = ["Green", "Fletcher", "Nelson"]

vowel = ["a", "e", "i", "o", "u"]

gen = ((x, y) for x in a for y in b)

score = 0

for first, second in gen:
print first, second
name = first, second
score = len(first) + len(second) +1
for letter in name:
if letter in vowel:
print score

This is what i currently have and this is the output I get:

John Green
John Fletcher
John Nelson
Kate Green
Kate Fletcher
Kate Nelson
Oli Green
Oli Fletcher
Oli Nelson

This is the output I need:

Full Name: John Green Score: 13
Full Name: John Fletcher Score: 16
Full Name: John Nelson Score: 14
Full Name: Kate Green Score: 14
Full Name: Kate Fletcher Score: 17
Full Name: Kate Nelson Score: 15
Full Name: Oli Green Score: 13
Full Name: Oli Fletcher Score: 16
Full Name: Oli Nelson Score: 14


The reason you're not calculating the vowels is because the score variable is not getting incremented. To increment it, you have to set the variable score to previous score + 1.

This should work:

for letter in name:
    if letter in vowel:

Edit: It's worth writing that score+=1 is the same as score=score+1

I worked out the error - instead of creating name = first, second, initialize name to first+second. You will get the results you want. The reason it was failing is because name=first, second creates a tuple, and iterating through the tuple makes letter = "Kate", "John" etc, and not the actual individual characters.