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C# Question

Why does attempting to autofit the width of a sheet, or a single column on that sheet, fail?

I have one column whose contents are truncated, and I'd like to avoid having to 2-click the right column gutter to see the data. First I tried autofitting the entire shebang:

private void PopulatePivotTableDataSheet()
if (null == _produceUsagePivotDataList) return;
foreach (ProduceUsagePivotData pupd in _produceUsagePivotDataList)
AddPivotData(pupd.ItemCode, pupd.ItemDescription, pupd.Unit, pupd.MonthYear, pupd.Quantity,
pupd.TotalPrice, pupd.IsContractItem);

...but the last line fails with "AutoFit method of Range class failed"

Then I tried applying it to just the column in question like so:

private void AddPivotData(String ItemCode, String ItemDescription, String Unit, String MonthYear, int Quantity, Decimal TotalPrice, Boolean IsContractItem)
var itemCodeCell = _xlPivotDataSheet.Cells[_lastRowAddedPivotTableData + 1, 1];
itemCodeCell.Value2 = ItemCode;

var itemDescriptionCell = _xlPivotDataSheet.Cells[_lastRowAddedPivotTableData + 1, 2];
itemDescriptionCell.Value2 = ItemDescription;
. . .

...and that last line fails with, "'System.__ComObject' does not contain a definition for 'AutoFitWidth'"

What in Sam Hill o' beans is going on here? Autofitting should be easily doable, shouldn't it?


This will apply AutoFit to the columns comprising the range: