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Symfony3 commands, could not open input file: symfony

Enviroment: XAMPP server (windows), PHP 5.6.28 (cli), Composer version 1.2.2 2016-11-03 17:43:15
I have problem with Symfony3 commands. I entered project directory and type command below I can see result:

# php symfony -v
Could not open input file: symfony

Below there are requirements:

# php bin\symfony_requirements

Symfony Requirements Checker

> PHP is using the following php.ini file:

> Checking Symfony requirements:

Your system is ready to run Symfony projects

Optional recommendations to improve your setup

* intl extension should be available
> Install and enable the intl extension (used for validators).

* a PHP accelerator should be installed
> Install and/or enable a PHP accelerator (highly recommended).

* realpath_cache_size should be at least 5M in php.ini
> Setting "realpath_cache_size" to e.g. "5242880" or "5M" in
> php.ini* may improve performance on Windows significantly in some
> cases.

Note The command console could use a different php.ini file
~~~~ than the one used with your web server. To be on the
safe side, please check the requirements from your web
server using the web/config.php script.

Project was generated by command:

composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition my_project_name

I couldn't use
php symfony new project_name
due to problem above.
Also solution from this topis doesn't work for me:

Result of using app/console:

Could not open input file: app/console

Answer Source

'console' file was moved to 'bin' directory in Symfony3

Anyway, an up-to-date way of using Symfony Installer is described here

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