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C# Creating generic List from JArray

I'm working on a dynamic import proces from Json to object array.
Getting a little bit stuck by creating a List<> based on a string reference to the class object.

I'm importing json data from a REST server and using a business objects list to map the json data to predefined classes that can be configured. I'm using NewtonSoft.Json for the parsing of the data to classes.

string classname = "BusinessObjects.Contact";
Type classtype = Type.GetType(classname);
// ... filled jsonstring from api request
string json = "[]"; // json filled from rest request
JObject obj = JObject.Parse(json);
JArray array = (JArray)obj["contacts"];

// the issue part...
var records = array.ToObject<List<classtype>>();

The compiler states I'm using a variable as a type. Which makes sense, but can't find a way around it.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Answer Source

Rather than deserializing your JArray, you could access it dynamically as shown in Querying JSON with dynamic. But if you would prefer to deserialize to a fixed list type, since you are writing non-generic reflection-based code, you can do:

var listType = typeof(List<>).MakeGenericType(classtype);
var records = array.ToObject(listType);


  • Given an open generic type such as List<>, Type.MakeGenericType() creates a closed generic type by substituting the Type argument(s) for the type parameters of the open type.

  • JToken.ToObject() is a non-generic version of ToObject() that can deserialize to a specified Type.

  • Once you have created your records list you can cast it to the non-generic IList interface to access collections items.

Sample fiddle with prototype sample JSON and definition for BusinessObjects.Contact.

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