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Android Question

Programatically set Keyboard.Key icon

I'm using Android's

classes to make a custom keyboard for an
(using this tutorial).

In my keyboard.xml file, I've set an icon for my shift key. However, I have another icon to display when shift is activated. However, I can't find a method that allows me to do this.

Answer Source

Instead of a setter method, there is a public icon field in the Keyboard.Key class. Simply reassign the value of this field to change a key's icon.

Keyboard.Key key = findKey(myKeyboard, keyCode);
key.icon = myDrawable;

private Keyboard.Key findKey(Keyboard keyboard, int primaryCode) {
  for (Keyboard.Key key : keyboard.getKeys()) {
    if ([0] == primaryCode) {
      return key;
  return null;
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