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Python Question

Sum All elements of each array in an array of array

I have this dictionary:

import numpy as np
dct={'W1': np.array([[ 1.62434536, -0.61175641, -0.52817175],
[-1.07296862, 0.86540763, -2.3015387 ]]),
'b1': np.array([[ 1.74481176],
[-0.7612069 ]]),
'W2': np.array([[ 0.3190391 , -0.24937038],
[ 1.46210794, -2.06014071],
[-0.3224172 , -0.38405435]]),
'b2': np.array([[ 1.13376944],
'W3': np.array([[-0.87785842, 0.04221375, 0.58281521]]),
'b3': np.array([[-1.10061918]])}

I need to sum all the elements of W1, W2, W3 after squared them, each one at a time then all of the three.

I used this to extract a list with the keys W(i)

l=[v for k, v in dict.items() if 'W' in k]

How could I get the sum of the squared elements in each array?
When taken each array separately I do:

np.sum(np.square(l[0]) to get 10.4889815722 for l[0]

I don't know though how to them all in one shot

Answer Source

I'm not sure I got you, but here's what I think you're looking for:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> data = [np.array([1.62434536, -0.61175641, -0.52817175]), np.array([-1.07296862, 0.86540763, -2.3015387])]
>>> [np.sum(arr) for arr in data]
[0.48441719999999999, -2.5090996900000002]
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