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MySQL Question

How can I get a list of a specified field from a Sails JS Waterline collection?

I have a MySQL table with a

column and I want to get a list of every
value in the table. Structure:


In PHP using Laravel I could have done something like this to get an array of every
column value:

$boards = Board::all()->lists('url');

However, I cannot figure out how to do this using Sails JS. I've noticed that find() without any argument gets every row in the database but I can't find anything in the documentation that would allow me to either get a list of the values for the
column or a way to iterate over the returned collection.

I've tried this:

var boards = Board.find().exec(function(error, _boards) {
return response.negotiate(error);

return _boards;

However, I can't actually seem to iterate over the returned data.

Any thoughts?


Full HomepageController.js:

module.exports = {
index: function (request, response) {
var data = {
currentDate: (new Date()).toString(),
boards: Board.query('SELECT url FROM board', function (error, results) {
if (error) {
return response.negotiate(error);

return results;

return response.view('homepage', data);

Answer Source

You can use a raw .query() to select individual columns:

Board.query('SELECT url FROM board', function (err, results) { ... });

However, keep in mind that your data will still look like this:

[{url: 'row 1 value'}, {url: 'row 2 value'}, ...]
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