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itemView trigger a custom event reaching the parrent

I have this code

$(function() {
var Header = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend({
template: _.template('<h4>TEST</h4><button>EDIT</button>'),

tagName: 'nav',

triggers: {
'click button': 'btn_clicked'
Layout = Backbone.Marionette.Layout.extend({
template: _.template('<header></header>'),

regions: {
header: 'header'

events: {
'itemview:btn_clicked': 'clicked'

clicked: function() {
alert('Ana are mere');

layout = new Layout();
$('body').append(layout.render().el); Header());

I'm using a layout with one ItemView (later I want a more complex nesting) and want to capture in LAYOUT the event that is happening in the ITEMVIEW. It seems its not bubbling upwards or I'm doing something wrong here.

I've tried events, triggers (for the child) and on, events (for the parent) but I still can't get the event caught inside the parent.

I can use:

_.extend(App.vent, Backbone.Events);


App.vent.on('btn_clicked', function() { doCoding(); });

But this way I'm breaking the encapsulation. Is there a way to keep the encapsulation by using Marionette triggers eventing and keep it all in the layout and not polluting the entire app ?


I've update the jsfiddle to use the _.extend(vent, Backbone.Events). If anyone has a better pattern for this, please let us know :D

Answer Source

I've found the solution (buried somewhere in the documentation making some connections between layout, region and view) !

In the context of communication ONLY between the the parent (layout) and the child (itemView):

1) the child triggers the custom event (opposed to vent extend Backbone.Events - it only speaks to those who have access to it = encapsulation)

triggers: {
    'click button': 'custom_event:btn_clicked'

2) the parent listen to this event having access to the child with the on('show',....)

initialize: function() {
    var that = this; // needed for the listenTo which overrides 'THIS'

    this.header.on('show', function(view) {
        this.listenTo(view, 'custom_event:btn_clicked', that.clicked);


layout = new Layout();
$('body').append(layout.render().el); Header()); // Here we get access to child and its events

The (hidden) power of Marionette. (I mean when I say hidden, because being relatively new, the documentation is barebone and the complex examples are scarce).

With little perseverance anything can be accomplished.

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