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Libraries not found when using CocoaPods with iOS logic tests

I am trying to write some iOS logic tests against classes in my project that use functionality from some of the libraries in my podspec. I am using the standard unit test bundle provided in Xcode (although not Application Tests, just Unit Tests).

For example, I use Magical Record, and I have that library linked in my podspec. It is present in the Pods project in my workspace, and works as expected when the app is running in the simulator or on the device. When I try to link to the test the object that uses Magical Record, however, I get a linker error stating that it can't find the selectors from Magical Record. I have tried updating my HEADER_SEARCH_PATH in my logic testing bundle, even hard coding it to the headers directory created by CocoaPods, but no luck.

I can run unit tests against classes that do not use CocoaPods libraries with no problem.

Am I going about this wrong? Should I be doing something else to get the compiler to see the CocoaPods libraries?

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I figured this one out by looking at how the main target of my app was receiving settings from the CocoaPods library. CocoaPods includes an .xcconfig file named Pods.xcconfig. This file contains all of the header search paths.

If you look at your project in the project navigator and click the Info tab, you will see your build configurations listed on the top section. If you open the disclosure triangle for your different configurations, you will see Pods listed under your main target. I had to click the drop down and add Pods to the logic test target as well.

Configurations Snapshot

I also had to copy the settings of $(inherited) and ${PODS_HEADERS_SEARCH_PATHS} from my main target and copy them over to the logic test target under Build Settings/HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS.

Finally, I had to add libPods.a in the Link Binary with Libraries build phase for my logic tests target.

Hope this is able to help someone else.

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